Sunday, 11 September 2016

the searching / the finding

I have come across these interesting paragraphs about 'the searching'/ 'the finding' I feel very identified with! For those who get lost in the searching - like me - sometimes, some useful read:

 Invest – Ela Bauer

There is no need to define yourself every time, let the work tell your story, whatever it is.
It’s great that you make so many discoveries, that is a great richness, but at the same time I think that it would be great if you stuck a bit longer to something you made / discovered. Why won’t you hold on a little bit longer to some work you make and see what more you can discover? Or combine your materials with some unexpected ones? Or treat them differently than usual? I know that you do all those things, but to get deeper into something you really have to give things some time. Invest much more time into the process.

“What should I possibly have to tell you, oh venerable one? Perhaps that you’re searching far too much? That in all that searching, you don’t find the time for finding?”
–  Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

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