Sunday, 17 July 2016

about contemporary jewellery

I have come across an interesting view from Maria-Jose Van Den Hout about what is contemporary jewellery:

"I tell them that these artists studied at an art academy and that it is as important a discipline as painting and sculpture. I also show them what, in my view, is the artistic value of each piece. Wearability is an important issue for me; whether it is comfortable to wear the pieces or not is not important. And I tell them about my 3 H's: Head, Hand and Heart. These three should be in balance. Too much head would make the piece only intellectual, conceptual if you like; too much hand would make it just technical and nice; and too much heart would make it sentimental."

I like her view on how there should be a balance between the art, craft and sentimental aspects in jewellery making. In the last two years, I have been questioning myself about where can I place what I do, design? craft? art? and I think I really need the head in what I do, and probably following the head is the heart.

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