Thursday, 28 April 2016

reflecting about my concept and motivations

Once I got the confidence from working in small scale, I started working in a larger scale. Bold pieces, simple connections and a strong statement. I don't want to restrain myself by trying to make nice/pretty pieces, I am more interested in the realities my pieces tell. I see the beauty in those realities around us, the man-made world we have chosen to have. Let's just don't use it and dispose of it. Let's try to appreciate it more, make the most of it.

Some snapshots of my air containers. Trying to make the mundane precious without make up or unnecessary accessories. Recently, I went to a talk given by Giovanni Corvaja. He has spent years and years of his life working with gold wire, taking it to the extreme. Amazing skills and dedication. He said he has culminated all those years with a golden cloth. He mentioned that he has devoted so many years of his life to gold for being such a pure and nonperishable/eternal material. I work with plastics and man-made materials. Many man-made materials are non perishable - and in fact that is causing a problem nowadays. So who says that plastics cannot deserve the same treatment?

work in progress @ Eva Fernandez

work in progress @ Eva Fernandez

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