Sunday, 13 December 2015

If only I could bottled this...

The design concept for my current work stands around a fictitious case:

In the current economic system, more and more natural resources are becoming commercial items monopolized by multinational companies. Examples of this are items such as agricultural seeds and water. In a hypothetical future, air can follow suit driven by the increasing levels of air pollution. If so, fresh air could become a lucrative commodity. Hypothetical containers for commercialized fresh air could be in the form of refillable rubber like vessels that people would carry around to sooth the need of fresh air. As so, this container would be an additional artifact to the human outfit.

Pocket air bottle @ Eva Fernandez
Quick air release brooch @ Eva Fernandez

Untitled @ Eva Fernandez

Air supply survival kit @ Eva Fernandez

Diamond regulator aur supply pieces @ Eva Fernandez

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